Party Bus San Diego Events

Make your day better in a party bus!

You'll find that there's a lot going on in the greater San Diego area. Whether you're planning on enjoying one of the areas best and most popular events, or if you have your own personal event to coordinate... chances are good that some reliable luxury transportation could make your big day that much more stress free, and consequently that much more unforgettable. Take a look at what we've written up for you below, it will give you some good ideas as to what kind of events are perfect for our party bus services! Though, we do have to admit... Our party buses are the perfect choice for really any event imaginable. Yep, we're that good!

Bachelor Parties and Bachelorette Parties

Bachelor parties and bachelorette parties are known to be some of the wildest events out there, and they get even wilder with a party bus from Party Bus San Diego! Our fleet of varied, luxurious party buses makes for the perfect vehicle for your last night of freedom with all of the fellas, or ladies. You'll have an amazing time visiting all of the hottest bars and nightclubs in the area as you relax in our party vehicle. In fact, you might feel as though you're in a nightclub, not an automobile! Our party buses have fantastic amenities to keep you and your group entertained during your bachelor party or bachelorette party in San Diego. With all there is to see and do, you might be confused on where to go for your night, but have no worries. Our professional chauffeurs know all of the best hotspots and exactly how to get there with their GPS unit, so you won't even have to pull out your phone for directions! Many bachelor parties tend to watch the big game, enjoy brews at the local brewery, and visit some bars and nightclubs. Bachelorette parties love to have spa days, pole dancing classes, as well as drinks at the trendiest bars. No matter what it is your bachelor party or bachelorette party consists of, you can certainly benefit with a party bus from Party Bus San Diego. You will certainly want to plug your phone into the MP3/iPod compatible sound system, as there is a large dance floor that is meant for enjoying! If you need a little more enthusiasm, the custom built bar areas with coolers are absolutely perfect for refreshments. Our party buses come with the infamous dancing pole that most bachelors and bachelorettes look for, all it needs is a lovely lady or gentlemen to grace it! With a party bus from Party Bus San Diego, all of the worries you otherwise would have encountered are gone with the wind. When you use our transportation, you don't have to worry about finding directions, dealing with the hassle of traffic, finding a designated driver, or dealing with closing times at bars or nightclubs. One of the best things about a party bus from Party Bus San Diego is that there is a whole new way to experience something that otherwise would have been a lackluster event. You can trust us to provide you with a bachelor party or bachelorette party experience that you won't soon forget. Be sure to call us when you're ready to book your bachelor party or bachelorette party. We look forward to servicing this special landmark in your life!


Hosting your wedding in San Diego is a fantastic idea, and an even better idea is to have Party Bus San Diego service it! All too often, weddings get ruined by transportation companies who are less than honest. Save yourself the trouble by renting with Party Bus San Diego. We've been servicing weddings without a problem for years on end, making us the most qualified company by far! This is a day that you've been thinking about for years now, probably since you were a child, and that gives us all the motivation we need to ensure that your day goes exactly as planned. You won't have to worry about all of the tiny details, as we'll take care of everything for you. San Diego has a long list of amazing venues for your wedding such as the Marina Village Center, San Diego Bayfront, Paradise Point, and we know how to get to all of them! No matter where your ceremony is held, you can bet that we'll be there early to get everything in place for your transportation. A party bus makes for perfect wedding day transportation because it has much more room than your standard limousine, and features to boot. With a large interior that's perfect for dancing and moving about, you won't have to worry about anyone sitting on the brides gown. Party buses come with features that every wedding party will surely enjoy! You can play a customized wedding day playlist on the iPod capable stereo system, and play a customized wedding slide show on the DVD capable flat screen television. The leather bench seating is comfortable to relax in throughout the event, and you'll certainly enjoy the custom built bar areas complete with ice filled coolers for all of your beverages, so propose a toast! Whether you're looking for something to shuttle your wedding party, a ride to the reception, ceremony, or pictures, a party bus from Party Bus San Diego is always the perfect mode of wedding transportation. Don't leave yourself open to the risk of a breakdown on the most special day of your life by renting with a less reputable company. We'll be there early with a GPS unit to ensure that your service will be as efficient as possible, unlike other companies in the area who might not even own their buses! All in all, you can always expect the best from Party Bus San Diego. We've been trusted professionals in the wedding industry for years on end, and there's no way you can make the wrong decision by choosing us to provide service to your wedding. We thank you for choosing Party Bus San Diego for one of the most special days of your entire life! Call now to reserve your wedding vehicle, as our booking agents are on the other line waiting to hear from you.

Holiday Parties

When the holidays roll around in San Diego, you can bet that Party Bus San Diego is a company that is getting busy. We're the top choice for fantastic transportation service during the holidays, and all of the events that surround them! That's because we aim for complete customer satisfaction above all other factors, including our profit. This leaves us with a goal to satisfy your needs before anything else, so you're always taken care of with us! You'll be certain to feel like family as soon as you pick up the phone. There are many parades and festivals during this celebratory season, such as the Festival of Lights. There are many family get togethers and events during the special holiday season that would be made even better with a party bus rental from out company! Not to mention the festive new years eve celebrations, as well as holiday office parties and the biggest bar night of the year, the night before Thanksgiving. With all of the different activities, festivals, parties, and other celebratory happenstances that happen during this time, there's no better season to rent a party bus! Seeing as how the busiest season for party bus companies happens to be the summer months, you can bet that you'll enjoy the benefit of lower rates when you rent your party bus during the winter months. Our fleet of updated party buses can make any event better, all you need is a group of partiers to fill it with! When you use service from Party Bus San Diego, you're ensuring that your night out will be one to stick in your head for the rest of time! With such a great way to have fun, it's no wonder why our buses get booked in advance for holiday celebrations in San Diego. The benefits of renting a party bus from Party Bus San Diego are undeniable. You won't ever have to deal with the hassle of finding a designated driver for the night, considering you have a professional in the drivers seat! You can enjoy as many drinks as you want! Another great reason to rent a party bus for your celebration is for the fact that you won't have to get everybody together in one spot before heading out, as a party bus is big enough to fit everybody! You won't have to deal with the worries of traffic, road closures, or even finding directions with our GPS equipped drivers. You always get the best when you rent with Party Bus San Diego!

Proms and Homecomings

Party Bus San Diego is a fantastic option for prom and homecoming transportation. Your son or daughter is worth more than any amount of money, and you'll be glad to know that our transportation services aren't out of reach when it comes to budgets! When prom and homecoming rolls around, you're going to want a vehicle for your child that is as safe as it is stylish. All too often you hear horror stories of parents who didn't plan a little more carefully for their son or daughters school dance. You certainly don't want your child to be the victim of a drunk driving incident, and it can be easily avoidable with a call to Party Bus San Diego. We take care to ensure that our vehicles are in supreme working condition before sending them out, and a team of talented mechanics are regularly inspecting and maintaining them for your safety. Our vehicles are also insured to the fullest extent, so if an accident were to happen, they would be covered completely. There's truly no better way to ensure both your son or daughters happiness, as well as their safety for the night. With the scary thought of underage drinking, a professional chauffeur driving one of the safest vehicles in San Diego is sure to make for a peaceful mind for all of the parents involved. Teenagers absolutely love our party buses! They have all the features that teens seems to enjoy, including color changing LED lighting, large television screens with DVD inputs for their entertainment, ice filled refreshment areas complete with coolers, a bumping sound system with subwoofers and iPod connectivity, tinted privacy windows, a polished hardwood dance floor, and comfortable couch style leather seating. With all of the fantastic amenities included, they will be as entertained as ever while you're at home knowing that they're completely safe. There's no price to put on the safety of your children, so you can bet that the cost of a party bus isn't much in comparison to the guarantee of their safety. Best of all, you will surely be seen as the coolest and most trendy parent in all of San Diego for renting a fantastic party bus for your child's prom or homecoming! Be sure to call one of our fantastic booking agents when you find yourself ready to rent the party bus. We can answer any questions you might have, as well as supply you with our contract and evidence of our insurance and documentation. We're on your side, so give us a call to reserve today, you'll be sure glad you did when the night of the school dance rolls around.

Sporting Events

San Diego is known to host a great sporting event! After all, we have some of the best teams in the country playing for us. Whether you're a fan of the San Diego Chargers or the San Diego Aztecs, there is always a fantastic sporting event going on to experience in San Diego. Let San Diego Party Bus accommodate your next excursion into the sporting arena! After all, there's no better way to tailgate than with a party themed vehicle such as a party bus. While everybody else is tailgating in their sedans, you'll have an impressive vehicle filled with all types of convenient features. You can cruise through San Diego and bar hop at the best sports bars before you head down to the Petco Park! Maybe you and your friends want to have dinner and drinks before the festivities begin? All of these options are possible with a party bus! When you have a party bus as your mode of transportation, all of your worries go out of the window. There's no better way to ensure complete and total relaxation by minimizing all of the inconveniences that are regularly associated with travel to a game! When you book with Party Bus San Diego, you're assuring a fantastic time without the stress. You can enjoy drinks without going through great lengths to find a designated driver, avoid the headache of dealing with traffic jams leading up the stadium, forget about finding directions, you can even forget about walking to the stadium from the parking lot! We certainly take care of everything so you can enjoy this sporting event as you rightfully should. One of the best parts about renting a party bus for a sporting event is taking advantage of all of the updated features that come standard with them! We have amenities on our buses that include premium bar areas complete with coolers stocked with ice, LED multicolored lighting accents, hardwood dancing floors, chrome dancing poles, comfortable wraparound leather seating, newly installed televisions with DVD inputs for your entertainment, MP3 and iPod capable sound systems with subwoofers, tinted windows for privacy, and more! With all of these features, it's easier than ever to have the time of your life on a party bus. Take advantage of the finer things in life with a vehicle from Party Bus San Diego, and you surely won't regret the newly found memories you will enjoy for the rest of your time. Get your tickets and give us a call! We look forward to accommodating your journey into the sports of San Diego!