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TECATE, CALIFORNIA is a community in San Diego County, and it's actually right alongside the Mexican city of Tecate as well. The most famous feature of Tecate is its border crossing, and the second most familiar thing about it would have to be beautiful Tecate Peak. There is a very small population of just 200 or so residents here! If you'll be visiting the area anytime soon, please note the great restaurants and bars on this page that are located in and around the 91980 zip code! Great places to visit when you're here.


is one of the few restaurants that's actually located in Tecate itself, and we love this location because of the friendly people who work at the counter and the fresh ingredients that they always keep piled high and ready to put on your sandwich. They grill everything just perfectly here, and the toasted buns are wonderful too. You can find this wonderfully healthy sandwich chain on Tecate Road near the intersection with Tecate Mission Road.

Bar Diana

is a great little bar in Tecate that has been serving their happy customers since as long ago as 1957! That is truly inspirational in a world where bars and restaurants fade away faster than they spring up. This place is a true landmark, famous the world over, and it would be a shame to visit Tecate and not come and see the gathering place of all the locals! Many people love Bar Diana so much that they have chosen to get married there! Perhaps you'll do the same. You can find Bar Diana at Cardenas #35.

Tecate Subs & Deli

is really a cut above the rest when it comes to great submarines. Forget those other guys... This is one sandwich shop that really knows how to please its customers! The ingredients are so fresh and flavorful, and the staff is always so helpful and happy to serve you! It would be close to impossible to find a sandwich shop better than this one, and that's why we recommend it so very highly! You can find Tecate Subs & Deli at 447 Tecate Road!

Barrett Junction Cafe

is located in nearby Dulzura, and we love this place because it's such a quick stop off the highway. It's just your basic comfortable country restaurant, and that's why we love it so much. The building itself is a historic attraction, and the ambiance is half biker bar, half gramma's country kitchen. If that's not a great combination then we don't know what is! They've got a spacious dining area as well as an outdoor patio that we really enjoy. You can find this great little country restaurant on Barrett Lake Road near the intersection with California 94.

Potrero General Store

while not a restaurant or bar, gets our recommendation here because of their fresh daily deli items and other grocery items. When you're camping nearby, there's no better place to grab some grub. It's great to stop in and talk to the owners or the locals about the news of the area, and just really feel like you have stepped back in time to the days when things were simpler and when people really cared. Turns out, they still do. You can find Potrero General Store at 25125 California 94 in nearby Potrero!

Viejas Casino

is one of our favorite places to go with friends for some gambling, some really great food and drinks, and just an overall great time! It's located in nearby Alpine, which is a short jaunt from Tecate, and we say the trip is worth it. We really love eating at the buffet here, which is packed with delicious delights including some really great shrimp and seafood! The slot machines are properly maintained here unlike at other casinos, so they really run smooth. We love the live entertainment here too! Located at 5000 Willows Road in nearby Alpine!

Nico's Steak & Chop House

is a little but of a further trip out of the Tecate area, in Chula Vista, but we believe it's worth the trip because this is the highest quality steak and seafood you'll find in the area. The decor is very much lodge style, which creates a rustic ambiance that no other local restaurant can come close to competing with. The chops are fantastic here, and don't forget about the poultry! Just because the name of the restaurant only brags about the steak and chops doesn't mean that the chicken isn't fantastic! You will find this great restaurant at 2021 Birch Road in nearby Chula Vista.

PF Chang's China Bistro

is also located in nearby Chula Vista, and even though this is a chain restaurant with highly Americanized Chinese food, we simply can't resist it! The flavors are just so vibrant and enchanting. The shanghai noodles are one of our favorite dishes, and we also are in love with the green tea noodles! It's not on the menu, but you can get a large order of those delicious green tea noodles either to dine in or to go! Gotta love that. The service is superb and the atmosphere is upscale and beautiful. You'll find this American-Asian gem at 2021 Birch Road in nearby Chula Vista!

The Cheesecake Factory

is one of the most popular restaurants in the area, located in nearby Chula Vista, and it's a hit with everybody we know who has gone there. The menu is giant, so no matter what your tastes are, you'll be able to find something that you love. The cheesecake, of course, is unbelievably good. Such a wide variety, you will never find this many cheesecakes anywhere else! Don't overlook the bar or their cocktails... they are truly the best you'll find in the area. You can find Cheesecake Factory at 2021 Birch Road in nearby Chula Vista.

Chili's Grill & Bar

is a chain restaurant, which we normally shy away from, but we visited this one recently with some friends and really fell in love with it. The bar area is just excellent, with nice lighting and very comfortable seating. The bartenders are very knowledgeable when it comes to their mixology. In terms of the restaurant side, it's great too. It's both family friendly and great for dates, and it's also a great place to come and catch the game either in the bar or restaurant section! Don't leave without trying those famous baby back ribs. You can find Chili's at 2021 Birch Road in Chula Vista!

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