Spring Valley, California

Our Favorite Bars & Restaurants in Spring Valley, California

SPRING VALLEY, CALIFORNIA is a community located within San Diego County, with over 25,000 people c calling it home. Census counts often combine La Presa with Spring Valley, upping the total population to almost 60,000. The area is best known for its natural spring, and also for some famous residents past and present including Reggie Bush, Nick Cannon, and Doug Wilkerson. You can find out all of our favorite bars and restaurants in the 91977 and 91978 zip codes right here on this page. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do!

California Comfort Restaurant

is a wonderful establishment that doubles as restaurant and bar, that's very family friendly in the daytime and very romantic and fun for adults toward the evening. This is a great place for intimate gatherings or large parties; they can easily accommodate either one. The breakfasts are truly amazing here, and in the evenings we really enjoy their good strong mixed drinks and ice cold beers. LOVE the carnitas! Best thing on the menu. You can find California Comfort Restaurant on Troy Street between Bancroft Drive and Central Avenue.

Carls Jr

may seem like an odd choice on a list of favorite restaurants, but we can't ignore the huge part of California culture that Carl's Jr has become! They are the one that introduced the first drive thru window to the world, and they've been going strong since the 1940s as unbelievable as that seems! That kind of longevity has got to be noted! We love their big juicy burgers, and their fries are just too good. When you need a quick meal, so quick that you don't even have to get out of the car to grab it, Carl's Jr is your spot! You can find this one on Kenora Drive near the intersection with Kenwood Drive!


is a really unusual Mexican restaurant that we highly recommend to you. It's a major change from the Americanized Mexican food that you may be used to. The mole dishes are FANTASTIC, and very different in flavor in comparison to any other mole we've ever had. Every dish on the menu seems to take a more adventurous approach to flavor than any other restaurant we've ever been to, and we just love that. If you're ready to try something new and exciting, you can find Ranas on Campo Road between Kenwood Drive and Conrad Drive.

Jim Hom's Cantonese Restaurant

is truly top notch when it comes to delicious Chinese food! It's tough to find Chinese this good, and it's worth a trip to Spring Valley no matter where you're at. The food here is very Mandarin, so it may be quite a bit different than what you're used to. It's been going strong since 1970, and you know no restaurant can last that long without being really fantastic. Very friendly staff and a great atmosphere too! You can find Jim Hom's Cantonese Restaurant on Jamacha Boulevard near the intersection with Sacramento Avenue.

Round Table Pizza

is a place that we've relied on for great pizza for so many years now! We can't imagine not visiting them every time we come to the Spring Valley area. The original location opened in Menlo Park back in 1959, and this location carries on the tradition that the first one started! The dough here is made from scratch, and we love their special blend of cheeses that includes mozzarella, cheddar, and provolone. Mmm! Sounds so good, doesn't it? It will cost you more than your typical carryout or delivery pizza, but believe us when we say it is worth it! You can find Round Table PIzza on Campo Road between Conrad Drive and Kenwood Drive.

Linlee's Chinese Cuisine

is another great Chinese restaurant in the Spring Valley area! It's kind of a hidden gem, but even though it's a well kept secret the food is always hot and fresh. We love the orange chicken, beef broccoli, and fried rice! The seafood basket is another great one! The ambiance is very comfortable and casual, and the service is top notch too. You'll be able to locate Linlee's Chinese Cuisine on Sweetwater Road between Jamacha Boulevard and Orville Street!

Grecian Cafe

is our favorite spot for delicious Greek lemon chicken! The flavor is truly unbelievable. We also really love the gyros! They have recently undergone a change in management, but we haven't noticed any difference in the quality. If anything it's better than it ever was. We've got to note that there is often a very long wait here, so make sure that you give yourself some extra time. Arrive early if you can, or be prepared to be patient. We say it's worth it! You can find Grecian Cafe on Campo Road between Conrad Drive and Kenwood Drive.

Godfather's Pizza

is such a Spring Valley tradition, it would be ridiculous to leave it off this list! We can't imagine the city without this wonderful pizza joint. They've got your choice of thick or thin crust, and an amazing pan pizza too, and you can either have it delivered right to your door or come in and enjoy that famous buffet. The service is wonderful and we love the ambiance here too. Casual and cool. Definitely one of our favorites. You can find Godfather's Pizza on Sweetwater Road between Jamacha Boulevard and Orville Street.

Sombrero Mexican Food

-- one more Mexican restaurant for the road! We've just got to recommend this one because it's so consistently good! Everything is good... literally every thing on the menu. We've tried it all, and it's all superb. If we really had to break it down to our favorite, it would probably be the California burritos, and the carne asada fries are an essential too! Wonderful service, great ambiance, and always a good time! You can find this one on Sweetwater Road between Jamacha Boulevard and Orville Street!

La Posta De Acapulco

is rumored to have the best Mexican food in San Diego! Now we've got to preface this by saying that we have not personally tried this one yet, but it got rave reviews from all our friends and they insisted that we include it here! So it's got to be good! They recommend anything with carne asada, and most especially the carne asada fries with pico de gallo! We're going to have to make a special trip just to try that! You can find La Posta De Acapulco on Campo Road between South Barcelona Street and South Bonita Street!

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