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SANTEE, CALIFORNIA is one of the medium- to large-sized suburbs of San Diego, with close to 55,000 residents at last count in 2006. It's undergone some major renovations in recent years, with many attractions being added to the city including many new shopping areas, a sports complex named Sportplex USA Santee, and even a corporate business park that has brought lots more jobs into the area. Whether you're traveling to Santee for work, for pleasure, or perhaps to live, you'll want to know the very best restaurants in the 92071 and 92072 zip codes. Here are the ones that we have tried and loved!

Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse - CLOSED

has got to be our favorite restaurant in all of Santee. We come here for all our birthdays and special occasions, and we've always been treated to the most high class service and the very best food in town. The steak and ribs are the only two reasons that you really need for a visit, but anything on the menu is great! Try the cowboy steak! It's so good. Very fresh salads too, and lots of great beverage selections. You can find Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse at 7927 Mission Gorge Road between Rancho Fanita Drive and Caribbean Way!

Mimi's Cafe - CLOSED

is purely good American food just the way you like it. There are plenty of fresh choices here, including some really mouth watering vegetarian and vegan dishes that will really make those tastebuds happy! They serve beer and liquor here, which is a nice thing, and either one will pair very nicely with their delicious seafood pasta! Very attentive waitstaff and comfortable ambiance makes for a pleasant dining experience. You'll be able to locate Mimi's Cafe on Mission Gorge Road between Mission Greens Road and Cuyamaca Street!

Omelette Factory Santee

has had our hearts (and our breakfast budget!) for a while now, because they serve up some of the very best breakfast food around! Of course you're not just limited to that... they've also got noteworthy hamburgers and sandwiches and more... but the omelettes are the thing that we really can't get enough of. The portions are truly giant, and the items on the menu can only be described as deliciously indulgent! Wonderful hot coffee here too. Great for both large parties and small! You can find Omelette Factory on Mission Gorge Road between Rancho Fanita Drive and Caribbean Way.

Michael's Grill

is unbelievable for barbecue fans. The prices are shockingly low and the portions are really indulgent! We don't know how they do it! If you get a chance to speak to the owners, Michael and Lal, be sure that you do. They are very welcoming and happy to help you find something on their carefully chosen menu that will really satisfy your appetite. You'll love the salads too! Very enticing ingredients that you won't find at any other restaurant, let alone any other barbecue restaurant, in the Santee area! You can find this one on Mission Gorge Road between Town Center Parkway and Cuyamaca Street.

Hometown Buffet - CLOSED

may not be the fanciest choice in town, but when you're looking for a hearty meal at an affordable price, this is your best bet. All you can eat, an incredible array of choices, and something for everybody. They've got the meat lovers covered with delicious roasts and grilled offerings, and the vegetarians and vegans will go gaga over that salad bar as well as the many cooked vegetable dishes that grace the buffet. The line can be long on the weekends, so if you're in a rush, arrive early and give yourself extra time, or shoot for the weekdays and off-peak times instead. You can find HomeTown Buffet on Town Center Parkway near the intersection with Civic Center Road.

Sonic Drive-In

is another choice that's less than fancy, but the old fashioned charm of this relatively brand new restaurant chain is something that we simply can't resist. We love their ex-long chili cheese coneys, and their delicious grilled chicken sandwiches. The chili cheese tots are also something that we can never seem to pass up! They've always got seasonal specials going on too, which are often huge hearty burgers with unique toppings! If you are the type who can appreciate a laid back drive-in like Sonic, you can find this great little joint on Mission Gorge Road near the intersection with 1st Street!

Domo Sushi

is a wonderful little sushi joint that we simply can't get enough of! We love to sit at the bar and watch the sushi chefs prepare the fresh rolls and sashimi dishes. The bento boxes are one of our favorite options on the menu, and we also enjoy ordering the rolls by themselves, like the Ring of Fire roll, or even the old standards like a California roll or an avocado eel roll. Everything is of the highest quality possible, and it's served in such a clean and inviting environment. Great service too. You can find Domo Sushi on Mission Gorge Road between Town Center parkway and Cuyamaca Street.

Oggi's Pizza & Brewing

is a great pizza spot, nothing too fancy or mind blowing in terms of the atmosphere, but a place where you can get really great food in a very inviting environment. It's so comfortable here. It's true that this is a chain restaurant, which we normally shy away from, but we really do love this place. The pizza is fantastic, with an amazing thick crust that will really make your mouth water for more. Try the burgers and the wings too, they're both so flavorful! Try the Loose Cannon pizza, you'll love it! Oggi's Pizza & Brewing is located on Mission Gorge Road between Mission Greens Road and Cuyamaca Street.

Original Roadhouse Grill

is one of those great restaurants where they give you a nice big bucket of peanuts and you can just throw those shells right down on the floor as you munch on them! Gotta love it. The kids really enjoy that too. These places are getting harder and harder to find, but this one's located conveniently right here in Santee. We love the bread here, and the bacon cheeseburgers are probably our favorite things on the menu. Order a strawberry lemonade with it and you're good to go. Or one of their icy cold beers... note that the smallest beer they sell is 32 ounces, so you can really get a major bang for your buck! You can find Original Roadhouse Grill on Mission Gorge Road between Mission Greens Road and Cuyamaca Street.

Round Table Pizza

is another great pizza restaurant that we've just got to recommend to you. The staff here is so super friendly and helpful! The pizza isn't that fancy gourmet type of pizza that you may travel to downtown San Diego for... nope, this is just a great original pizza like you used to get back in the day. Standard toppings, the usual cheeses, great crust... No strange ingredients or fancy herbs here! It's a big hit with the kids of course, and we also love the salad bar buffet. Try this place at 9824 North Magnolia Avenue.

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