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SAN LUIS REY, CALIFORNIA is located along the beautiful San Luis Rey River. It has many attractions that it's well known for, and that you may be visiting the area specifically to see, including Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, Ultra Star Mission Marketplace, the California Surf Museum, the Oceanside Museum of Art, the Ocean's Eleven Casino, and the Wyndham Oceanside Pier Resort. If you'll be coming into the 92068 zip code, you'll need to know the very best restaurants and bars that are located nearby. These are our picks!

Killer Pizza from Mars

is one of the most unique restaurants in all of SoCal, and possibly in the world! The wild decor certainly has its charm, and though the restaurant could use an update as its become a bit run down in recent years, we kind of enjoy the unpretentious vibe. We love all their specialty pizzas, including the Space Cowboy, the Cluck Rogerz, the Martianz Love Meat, the Cozmik Wheel, the Pizza of the Gods, and of course the pizza that bears the name of the restaurant itself, Killer Pizza from Mars. You can find this fun pizza joint at 3772 Mission Avenue.

Capozzoli's Pizzeria - CLOSED

is another one of our favorite pizza restaurants in the area, this one for a completely different reason than our previous pick! This one has a very elegant yet comfortable atmosphere, and some of the highest quality traditional pizza that you'll ever taste. It's got a hint of New York City style, and if you've ever had authentic NYC pizza you know that's definitely a good thing. The ambiance is very romantic, and we enjoy both the outdoor seating area and the live music! Great private party room to rent for your special celebrations too! Capozzoli's Pizzeria is located on Mission Avenue near Douglas Drive.

Love Boat Sushi

has always been our top favorite sushi restaurant. The quality of the sushi is simply superb, and it's served by a very friendly staff who is always happy to see us. We really enjoy the live music and DJs on the weekends too, which is something that you don't often find at a sushi restaurant. There are many Love Boat Sushi locations in SoCal, but the one here in the San Luis Rey area gets our highest recommendation because of their consistency, high quality, and amazing atmosphere. You can find this one at 125 Old Grove Road.


is actually a supermarket in the San Luis Rey area, but the reason that we have included it on this list is because of their wonderful deli and bakery items. It's one of the best places to stop in to grab a fast, healthy, cheap lunch! Sometimes they serve barbecued items freshly cooked directly outside the store too. There's always something fresh and wonderful to dine on here, and since it's such a quick stop, we just had to recommend it to you! You can find Albertson's on Mission Avenue between Douglas Drive and Rancho Del Oro Drive.

Kurando Restaurant

is a sensational Japanese sushi restaurant. The attention to detail and quality is unsurpassed. The ambiance and the service are equally warm and friendly, making you want to return again and again. The Ikura Sushi is fantastic, and we particularly love the Salmon Sashimi. The restaurant has been in business for a very long time, more than fifteen years that we're aware of, and though they recently went through an ownership change, we haven't noticed any chance in the quality of the dining experience. You can find Kurando Restaurant on Mission Avenue near the intersection with North El Camino Real.

La Hacienda

is our go-to spot in San Luis Rey for mouth watering tacos del trompo and tacos al pastor! These are truly some of the best tacos you will find in all of California, and that's saying a lot. We love the live entertainment here too, which really showcases the best of our local talent, from authentic mariachi music to gifted hip hop artists. This also happens to be a great place to rent out for your private parties! Great atmosphere and wonderful service. You can find La Hacienda on Douglas Drive between San Luis Rey Avenue and Pala Road.

Coco's Bakery Restaurant - CLOSED

... just hearing those three words conjure up images of the freshest and most delicious deli style items you could ever imagine. Delicious pastries and bakery items... Incredible sandwiches and soups that make for a hearty lunch... Wonderful wraps and salads for the diet-conscious... Fabulous American favorites and wings for those who aren't! They've got everything here, and it's all of the highest quality possible! You can find Coco's Bakery Restaurant on Mission Avenue near Douglas Drive!

The Haunted Head Saloon

is such a cool, eclectic, and unique spot to relax with friends. The regulars all know each other and welcome you into the fray with open arms. The same goes for the staff. When it comes to the themed bars in the area, this one definitely comes out on top. There's plenty to do, from shooting pool to watching sports on the large-screen set, and of course you can play all your favorite tunes on their great jukebox too. They've got a lot of really great high quality liquors here, including your favorite Cognacs and European bitters. Be sure to check it out when you're in the area! Located on North Tremont Street between 3rd Street and Mission Avenue.

Rosina's Italian Restaurant

is as authentic as it gets! We love the personal attention from the owner who makes sure that you are having a wonderful dining experience. They've got a great variety of entrees to choose from here, all your Italian favorites plus some that you may have never tried before, and a very good wine list as well. We're big fans of the fish dishes, the pastas, and the desserts. Especially that unforgettable creme brulee! Don't let the strip mall exterior fool you... the interior holds delights that are worth a stop! You'll find Rosina's Italian Restaurant on Ocean Ranch Boulevard near the intersection with Rancho Del Oro Drive.

San Luis Rey Bakery and Restaurant

is another great Mexican restaurant in the area that we always recommend to all our friends. The food is superb, but we love it most for the cakes. This is the most high quality and professional work that you will see. And of course while you're picking up that cake for your special occasion, you can also grab some of your other bakery favorites to nosh on! We love that it's family run. You can find San Luis Rey Bakery and Restaurant on North El Camino Real near the intersection with San Luis Rey Avenue.

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