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POTRERO, CALIFORNIA is one of the smaller communities surrounding San Diego, with a very small population of just over 850 at the last census count in 2007. The word potrero actually means pasture land, and these gorgeous rolling hills are connected to San Diego and Campo via State Route 94. Very easily accessible no matter which direction you are coming from. Whether you're visiting Potrero for business or pleasure, these are our favorite places to eat and drink in the 91963 and 91990 zip codes!

Cafe 94

is of course conveniently located not far from State Route 94. They've got some of our favorite lunches in the world, including a carne asada burrito that will really put some spice into your day, and a really great torta too! The breakfast, too, is really wonderful. The atmosphere is very plain and basic, no frills, but we like it just the way it is. The focus of this place is solely on the food and the great service, and that's something that we definitely don't mind. You can find Cafe 94 at 25275 Potrero Valley Road.

Potrero General Store

is a cozy little store where you can find just about anything you need. This is one of the small town pleasures that we miss living in a big city like San Diego. If you're on the road and in need of some sweet or salty snacks, there is no better place to fill that need! You can catch up with all the local news here just by chatting with the owners or the regulars who come in to stock up on groceries. Lots of great fresh treats here for you to enjoy! Located at 25125 California 94.

Potrero Cafe

is possibly our favorite restaurant that is actually located in Potrero itself. It's owned by a very friendly woman named Edith who always welcomes us with a smile. You'll want to note that the place closes pretty early on the weekdays, so if you're planning a late lunch or early dinner, you probably won't be able to have it here. Sometimes they close at 3:00 PM, sometimes earlier. Great variety of people here, nice ambiance, and of course great prices too. None of the specials are more than fifteen bucks. You can find Potrero Cafe at 25125 Highway 94.

Barrett Junction Cafe

is a very fun biker bar that we really enjoy when we're in the Dulzura area. It's not too far outside of Potrero, which makes it a very convenient stop for you. Especially if the restaurants in Potrero that you were planning to visit have closed early that day, which is often the case! The food is really great here, but what we recommend most highly is the hushpuppies. It's been a long time since we've had any this good! We also love the outdoor patio. You can find Barrett Junction Cafe on Barrett Lake Road near the intersection with California 94.

Riley's Subway

in nearby Tecate has to get our recommendation because it's one of the few places in the area where you can really get a good healthy fast food meal. You can go vegetarian, choose lean meats, or go all out and order a big meat filled sub that rivals the old fashioned ones that we used to indulge in back in the day! You remember when subs were a guilty pleasure. Now it can be a guilty pleasure or a guilt-free pleasure. It's up to you. We recommend the veggie delite, the oven roasted chicken breast, and the sweet onion chicken teriyaki... and for the bread choices we love wheat, oat, or cheese. Located on Tecate Road near the intersection with Tecate Mission Road in nearby Tecate.

Bar Diana

in nearby Tecate is one of our favorite spots to just kick back with a good stiff drink. It's been going strong since 1957 if you can believe that, and that longevity is a testament to its quality and consistency. Nowadays it's a true landmark in the city of Tecate, and we say it's worth the short drive from Potrero. There's a rich history here that they'll be happy to tell you about when you arrive. You can find Bar Diana at Cardenas #35 in nearby Tecate.

Submarina - CLOSED

is yet another great place to get a submarine sandwich in the Potrero area (actually in nearby Tecate), and they've got everything here from traditional American sandwiches to wraps and more. They've got lots of vegan and vegetarian options, which we appreciate, and it also happens to be a very trendy and exciting place to gather with friends for a great meal. You can find Submarina on Tecate Road near the intersection with Tecate Mission Road, in nearby Tecate.

Campo Diner

is another of our favorite places to dine in the Potrero area, actually located in nearby Campo. We love their spaghetti, and the club sandwich is a work of art as far as we're concerned. We consider ourselves club sandwich conossieurs and this one is so packed with meats and cheeses it will really please even the choosiest sandwich eater! Great salads and breads, and delicious fish and chips too! You can find Campo Diner on Dewey Place near the intersecion with California 94 in Campo.

El Rancho Bar & Grill

gets really great ratings from everyone who dines here, with most people citing the delicious ribs and margaritas as their reasons for recommending it! I don't think we've ever had such tender ribs that really fall right off the bone. They've got great Mexican specialties here too, as well as your American favorites like delicious hamburgers. Great service, and good enough food to be worth a drive. You will find this one on Oak Drive between Bass Road and Molchan Road.

Viejas Casino

is located in nearby Alpine and there are so many reasons that we consistently recommend this place to all our friends! It's hard to imagine a more fun place than this. Beyond the fun of the gambling itself, with all the table games and slot machines, they also have a wonderful buffet where you can dine on all your favorites to your heart's content. We love the peel and eat shrimp here. So succulent and fresh! You can find Viejas Casino at 5000 Willows Road in nearby Alpine.

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