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NATIONAL CITY, CALIFORNIA is a considerably large city located within San Diego County, with over 60,000 residents calling it home at last census count. As the second oldest city in the county, it has a rich past and many historic places to visit. It was originally known as El Rancho del Rey and its primary use in those days was for grazing horses that belonged to Spanish soldiers. Nowadays it's a big attraction thanks to Westfield Plaza Bonita which happens to be one of the only all indoor malls in San Diego County. If you're coming into the 91950 zip code to shop or to see the historic sites, then take note of these great bars and restaurants in the area!

Cafe La Maze

has been in business since 1941, and it has achieved recognition as one of the city's most historically rich restaurants. The decor is an authentic blast from the past, but note that it's perfectly maintained and kept very clean. It's retro on purpose! And we love that. They've got wonderful seafood and steak, and all the entrees are really crave worthy. Everybody just loves this place. You will find it at 1441 Highland Avenue.


is a Filipino restaurant and bakery, and we love it primarily for their great breakfasts and bakery items. Their entrees are also really delicious, and this is a very popular spot among all our friends. The best thing on the menu of all the things that we've tried is the Lumpia Shanghai. We'd also recommend the Ube Roll which is way better than the ones that we've had at other places! Very friendly staff and a great ambiance too. Located on East Plaza Boulevard near the intersection with N Avenue.

L & L Hawaiian Barbecue

is the spot in National City for delicious barbecue items. You'll be surprised by the wide variety of items here... everything from classic American barbecued Chicken to tasty Japanese-inspired Chicken Katsu. They've got a macaroni salad that's our favorite side too. The prices are very affordable, and despite it being a nice cheap lunch or dinner, they give you really high class service here. Very friendly and fast too. You will find L & L Hawaiian Barbecue on Sweetwater Road near the intersection with Euclid Avenue.

Corner Bakery Cafe

is one of our favorite places to go for some great bakery favorites and bring the laptop or a good book to get some studying or just leisurely reading in. The items that they sell here are healthier than you'll find at most bakeries or coffee shops, and the coffee is of the utmost high quality and flavor. You will find Corner Bakery Cafe at 3030 Plaza Bonita Road.

Pat & Oscar's Restaurant

is a classic in the area, and this location in National City has all your family style favorites including delicious breadsticks, fresh salads, hearty pastas, delicious California style pizzas, and many vegetarian favorites. We love to get together with our family and close friends here for a hot meal that tastes just like something home cooked, but without all the work! You can find Pat & Oscar's Restaurant at 3030 Plaza Bonita Road.

El Torito

is a great Mexican restaurant in National City. We always come here for the burritos and tacos, but everything on the menu is noteworthy and highly recommended. We love the cozy atmosphere here, and we especially enjoy looking at the paintings on the walls while we enjoy that wonderful food. The restaurant is very clean and cozy. We just love it here. You can find El Torito Mexican Restaurant on 3030 Plaza Road.

Hanaoka Japanese Restaurant

is a wonderful sushi restaurant in National City that stays open quite a bit later than most of the other restaurants in the area, so you can get your grub on even after all the other ones have closed. As the night owls that we are, we appreciate that! They've got the freshest sushi and sashimi here, including all your classic favorite rolls, plus some specialties that you will not find elsewhere. You'll love the Japanese specialties too. You can find Hanaoka Japanese Restaurant on Sweetwater Road near the intersection with Grove Street.

Lai Thai Restaurant

has some of the best tasting Thai food that we've ever laid tastebuds on! We love the delicious Pad Thai, which is of course the most classic Thai dish and it also is one of the best. The Panana Curry is one of the most pungent and flavorful delights on the menu, and certainly one that we'd recommend highly to you. We love all of the noodle items here and the ones that come with rice are also delicious. You'll be able to find Lai Thai Restaurant on East Plaza Boulevard near the intersection with Palm Avenue.

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar

is one of the few chain restaurants that we really recommend, and the reason that we do is actually more for the bar than for the restaurant! While we do enjoy their food, especially tthe fresh salads and sizzling fajitas, it's that cozy bar area that we really can't resist. The bartenders always know just how to mix that perfect cocktail, and the selection of beers on tap is very nice. Great wine selection too. You can find Applebee's at 3030 Plaza Bonita Road.

N City Sports Lounge

is our go-to spot for watching the games and enjoying some great bar food. We love the burgers the most, and all of the drink specials are always mouth wateringly delicious. The ambiance here is just what you'd expect from a great sports bar, with lots of TVs scattered around the bar and memorabilia dotting the walls. There's great music and dancing here too. N City Sports Lounge is located at 2511 Sweetwater Road.

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