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JACUMBA, CALIFORNIA is said like this: "Hah-koom-bah." And it's even more fun to visit than it is to say! We love the small town vibe, and we do mean small town since there are less than 700 people who call it home. The places that you're likely to visit when you come to town are the Desert View Tower, DeAnza Springs Resort, and of course the Jacumba Motel and Spa. No matter what your reason is for visiting Jacumba, we have selected some of our customers favorite dining experiences in and around the 91934 zip code!


at the Shell station makes this list because it actually seems to be the only restaurant that's technically within city limits! Of course there are many places nearby to get your grub on, but this is the only one that is technically within the 91934 zip code. We love grabbing a quick healthy meal here while we fill up the tank. Our favorite is the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki on cheese bread! You can't beat that flavor. Get it "with everything" and it's a total feast. You will find this Subway location at 1494 Carrizo Gorge Road.

Chef Hat Grill

is located in nearby Boulevard, just seven miles away, not a long drive at all. It's a family owned restaurant, which is a quality that we always love, and all the ingredients that make up their fabulous entrees are so fresh and delicious. The vibe here is very chill and old school with attentive and friendly service. They also have a wonderful outdoor dining area that we really love. They're open for both lunch and dinner. You will find Chef Hat Grill at 40601 Old Highway 80 in nearby Boulevard.

Live Oaks Market

is one of those great one-stop-shops where you can fill up the tank, grab some deli favorites, and even pick up some groceries on your way home. They've got the freshest meats and produce, and both the atmosphere and service here are delightful. When you don't have time to eat in a real restaurant, just stop in here and grab a wonderful selection from the deli. When you are ready to visit you can find Live Oaks Market at 37820 Old Highway 80 in nearby Boulevard.

Grove Steakhouse at Viejas Casino

is located in nearby Alpine, and we say it's worth the drive because of their incredible high quality steaks and seafood! We always get the tomato florentine soup to start off our meal, and the filet medallions are so irresistible that we can never seem to order anything else. They really melt in your mouth and are just so amazingly flavorful. You can't beat the fun location either, right there in Viejas Casino! Might as well make a night of it. You can find the casino and the great steakhouse at 5000 Willows Road in Alpine.

La Posta Diner

is just a short jaunt away in nearby Pine Valley, and we adore this charming old fashioned diner that seems to specialize mostly in those classic American comfort foods that really fill you up and make you feel good. It's usually pretty busy here, so make sure to give yourself a little extra time beforehand in case you're stuck waiting in line. We have lines too, but this is one restaurant that is really, really worth the wait. Find them at Old Highway 80 at the intersection with Buck Springs Road, in Pine Valley.

Hooley's Irish Pub

is a great bar that's worth the drive, located over in El Cajon, and in a really great spot too. You can't beat the service here, it is old fashioned and friendly just the way you like it. The atmosphere is one hundred percent pure Irish pub, and so are all the wonderful specialties on the menu! Plus some fun twists like the Corned Beef Tacos. Gotta love 'em. They've got a very nice choice of beers on draft and in bottles, and you can swing by this little pub on Jamacha Road between Campo Road & Cuyamaca College Drive West.

Nori Sushi Bar & Grill

is located in nearby Alpine, and we find ourselves traveling here time and time again just for that irresistible sashimi and sushi. It's some of the freshest we have ever tasted, and we consider ourselves to be sushi conossieurs! We always tell everybody to make sure they order the ceviche roll... you will not find that one on the menu but it is amazing! And the Chicken Katsu is very notable too. Sitting at the sushi bar and watching the chefs prepare your meal is one of the simple pleasures that you shouldn't pass up. Located at 5003 Willows Road in Alpine.

Live Oaks Spring Resort

is located in nearby Boulevard, and when you find yourself looking for an all-inclusive getaway, we can't think of a better place to go. The restaurant itself is the big attraction for us here, which has an old fashioned flair that is tough to find elsewhere in the city. There's also a hookah bar right alongside it, and we enjoy the live bands that play there. Fresh food, a great bar, and lively music... this combo is too great to pass up. You can find this one at 37820 Old Highway 80 in Boulevard!

Lake Cuyamaca Restaurant & Store

gets our recommendation almost entirely because of their fabulous fish fry on Fridays! It's all you can eat, and you can really get hooked on that incredible fish. If you've been looking for a new lunch spot for your Friday afternoons, you'll definitely want to consider this one. They've got live music on the weekend, great service, and a really warm and inviting atmosphere. Check it out next time you're in nearby Julian. It's located at 15027 California 79.

El Rancho Bar & Grill

is perhaps the coolest Mexican restaurants we've ever had the pleasure of trying. We love their ribs and other barbecue items, and those pair incredibly well with their fresh juicy margaritas! Many people will tell you that this is the absolute best Mexican food in the area, and we would have a very difficult time disagreeing with that sentiment! We recommend it to you very highly. You can find El Rancho Bar & Grill on Oak Drive between Bass Road and Molchan Road.

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