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CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA is one of those cozy resort towns on the coast, but cozy doesn't have to mean small. At last count there were more than one hundred thousand people living within the Carlsbad zip codes of 92008, 92009, 92010, and 92011. It's known for being one of the wealthiest cities in all of California, and even in all of the United States. There are wonderful shopping locations within the area, great schools, plenty of tech industry jobs, and an overall feeling of luxury that draws in more and more people every day. If you're coming to Carlsbad to visit or to stay, these are the restaurants and bars that we'd recommend to you!

Vigilucci's Restaurant

is a wonderful Italian restaurant with charming ambiance and really superb service. We love dining on their outdoor patio, and since they're open seven days a week plus a wonderful Sunday brunch, it's the perfect place to go at any time to celebrate those small successes during the work week, and the bigger ones on the weekends! Everything is fantastic here, from the pastas to the seafood to the steak. Even the salads are noteworthy. Vigilucci's Restaurant can be found on State Street between Tamarack Avenue and Redwood Avenue.

Claim Jumper Restaurant

is probably one of our favorite steakhouses in all of Carlsbad. The portions are incredible. Even the heartiest appetite will be completely satisfied here! We love the rack of beef ribs. If you're a lover of great muffins as we are, you'll definitely want to try their bran muffin. No place in the world makes a fluffier bran muffin than Claim Jumper. The desserts are really worth talking about too, with our favorite definitely being the cookies and cream mud pie. Very highly recommended! You can find Claim Jumper Restaurant on Avenida Encinas near the intersection with County Highway S21.

Bellefleur Restaurant - CLOSED

is of course a charming French restaurant, and we are fans of it primarily for their wonderful Sunday brunch. Their menu is a mixture of classic French dishes and a bright California flair, and it's both a beautiful place to have lunch or a very elegant place to enjoy a romantic dinner with that special someone. We adore the coconut shrimp and the martinis, and they've also got wonderful pizza and cocktails, plus a full bar. Bellefleur Restaurant is located on Paseo Del Norte near the intersection with Car Country Drive.

Karl Strauss Brewery & Restaurant

is the place to go if you've been seeking an upscale pub atmosphere that includes your favorite microbrews and other rare beers. Many brew pubs have slim pickings when it comes to the menu, but not here. They've got a wide array of items available to please just about everybody's tastebuds. Your surroundings are nothing short of beautiful. This is particularly nice for a Sunday brunch. Try the sweet potato fries, they're wonderful! You can find Karl Strauss Brewery & Restaurant on Armada Drive near the intersection with County Highway S21.

O'Sullivan's Irish Pub & Restaurant

is one of the most fun places to hang out in Carlsbad. We love to come in with a large group of friends and party the night away with that great live music and some really good stiff drinks! The food is excellent, Irish pub fare, with very large portions that really fill your tummy and don't leave you wanting for more. We recommend the burgers, and the Guinness on tap is a nice pairing with that... They've got bangers and mash here too, which we love! You can find O'Sullivan's Irish Pub & Restaurant on Grand Avenue near the intersection with Roosevelt Street.

La Costa Resort & Spa

is wonderful if you're looking for an all-inclusive place to sleep, dine, drink, and relax. They've got gorgeous balconies, cool air conditioned rooms, and a business center so you can keep that money rolling in even while you're on the road. We love the luxurious pool, and the golf course is a delight. The Blue Fire Grill is the place to go for an elegant meal, and at The Clubhouse you can kick back with a good stiff drink and some great conversation. You'll find La Costa Resort & Spa at 2100 Costsa Del Mar Road.

King's Fish House

is quite possibly the very best seafood restaurant in Carlsbad, as evidenced by our many visits there in the last couple of years! The atmosphere is what will catch your eye and draw you in, with the elegant decor and comfortable seating. But the food is what will make you stay and return time after time... We love their crab, and that wonderful Puerto Nuevo spiny lobster! The oysters are also fantastic, of course all the fresh fish selections are really mouth wateringly delicious. Don't neglect to try the spicy chowder too, it's so good! You can find King's Fish House at 5625 Paseo Del Norte.

Bistro West

is a very cool, modern, elegant place to relax and enjoy a really wonderful meal. You'll feel like you're treating yourself to something special when you're here. The wine list is really extensive and well selected, and we also love their desserts including a really wonderful creme brulee. If you love that fresh California bistro style, you will definitely want to check out this place. You'll find it at 4960 Avenida Encinas.

Pizza Port Carlsbad

is your spot in Carlsbad for the finest pizza and beer! We just love to come in and relax with that giant delicious pizza pie and a perfectly chilled brew. They've got a nice selection of microbrews and rarer finds, as well as your domestic favorites. Many say this is the best pizza in all of Southern California, and we would have a very hard time disagreeing with that. Perfect crust and just the right amount of cheese and sauce! You can find Pizza Port Carlsbad at 571 Carlsbad Village Drive.

Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa

is another great place that's all-inclusive so you can relax, sleep, eat, drink, and have your entiere Carlsbad experience on the premises if you really feel like it! The staff is so friendly and helpful you'll feel like you've got a personal staff attending to your every need. The food is truly fantastic, and you'll love taking advantage of the pool and gym during your stay. It's a gorgeous facility with great views, so you'll definitely want to give this place a try when you're visiting the area on business or pleasure! You can find Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa at 5480 Grand Pacific Drive.

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